#5422 – Pour It On

Good morning people who don’t reduce God’s abundance down to a trickle.

Exodus 29:7 NIV “Take the anointing oil and anoint him by pouring it on his head.”

May the Spirit of God speak to us all today.

I wonder if we have sanitised anointing people with oil and reduced it down to the smallest of drops?

I think that people in Bible times would have known if someone had been anointed with oil.

I wonder if anointing by pouring it on the head actually meant pouring it on the head?

I think it meant exactly that.

Have we reduced anointing people with oil down to a similar state as sprinkling people for baptism?

Let’s open this up to other things.

Have we reduced the power of our prayers down to religious rituals that are devoid of power?

Have we reduced praying for the sick down to something evangelists do, or if we do it, do we expect and anticipate people to be healed?

Are we content to have accepted Jesus as our Saviour, or is there an earnestness of passion to follow Jesus as Lord regardless of cost or persecution?

In other words, in every part of our spiritual lives, are we content with trickles or are we pursuing the Holy Spirit being poured out?

Are we content with nice church meetings that are predictable and sanitised, or are we pursuing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit where the Book of Acts once again becomes our reality?

It’s time for an outpouring of the Spirit and power!