#5401 – Remember Salvation

Good morning people who take a moment to celebrate your salvation through Jesus.

Exodus 13:3 NIV Then Moses said to the people, “Commemorate this day, the day you came out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, because the Lord brought you out of it with a mighty hand. Eat nothing containing yeast.”

One of the things that kept on getting the children of Israel into trouble was their repeated ability to forget what God had done for them. They were serial forgetters!

You and I have been saved by grace, through faith. It was not based on anything that we have done! It’s all because of the goodness, kindness and mercy of God!

And so today, let’s just take a moment to remember the joy of our salvation; of God’s salvation for us.

Let’s say thank you anew today for that time when the Holy Spirit revealed Jesus to you and I so clearly that we were empowered to say YES to the gift of life.

We were dead in sin, and now we are alive in Christ!

We were trapped in darkness, and now we live in the light!

We were slaves and orphans, and now we are friends and children of God!

We were defeated, rejected and abandoned, and now we are victorious, accepted and found in Christ!

Our salvation was much more than a ticket to heaven.

Our salvation was the start of an eternal relationship with the Lord God Almighty!! And we get to enter into the depths of it right here and right now!

Today is the day of salvation!