#5348 – Greater Evidence

Good morning people who constantly testify about what God has done.

1 Samuel 12:6-7 NIV Then Samuel said to the people, “It is the Lord who appointed Moses and Aaron and brought your ancestors up out of Egypt. Now then, stand here, because I am going to confront you with evidence before the Lord as to all the righteous acts performed by the Lord for you and your ancestors.”

The greater evidence that we can confront people with is not the evidence of what they have done wrong, but it is the evidence of all the righteous acts that the Lord has done!

What is possible if this was the shift of our focus when it comes to confronting people and evidence?

Psalms 34:8 NIV Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

It’s time for God and His goodness to capture our attention and to dominate our conversations.

Who can you speak to today about what God has done in your life?

It’s time to become a witness for the glory of God.