#5312 – His Name’s Sake

Good morning people who do everything for the glory of God.

Psalms 23:3 NIV He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.

It’s no surprise that the enemy has sabotaged the profound truth of ‘for God’s sake’ by turning it into an exclamation of something not going right.

But ‘For His name’s sake’ is how every follower of Christ is called to live, and in doing so, the fruit of the Spirit in its fullness is our inheritance!

When God guides us along the right paths, it is always for His name’s sake.

God’s leading is not to control us, but it is to glorify Himself through us as His people.

This glorifying of Himself is not egotistical as some have made it out to be. Rather, it is like a proud parent when their child does something that clearly shows others that ‘they are their father or mother’s child.’

It’s about identity. It’s about an accurate reflection of the image of God that we are created in.

The believer’s life was always intended to be a clear and accurate signpost to our Father in heaven. Obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading is the only way there.