#5304 – My Lord

Good morning people who walk with the Lord who is the God of the bible.

Psalms 23:1 NIV The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

I went to move on to writing about my shepherd, and the Holy Spirit said, “No, there’s still more about the Lord that I want you to write.”

And then I saw a flash of the countless times when the Lord did the supernatural and miraculous throughout the Bible…

He created everything from nothing.

He made the sun stand still.

He opened blind eyes and deaf ears, and He healed the lame and raised the dead back to life.

He parted the water, walked on the water, and turned the water into wine.

He stopped the mouths of lions, held back the power of the flames, and He spoke through a donkey.

He came from heaven, returned to heaven, and will reunite us with our Father in heaven for all of eternity!

And THIS Lord is MY Lord!!

The Lord of the bible is YOUR Lord and He is MY Lord!