#5331 – Rhema Words

Good morning people who listen to God for a word for your life.

The Bible itself gives so much clarity to every seeking person. From the start of Genesis to the end of Revelation – in both Old and New Testament – God is speaking.

In addition to this – but never in contradiction to this – God still speaks today through His Holy Spirit. He lives in believers, and He loves to lead us into all truth and to reveal Jesus to us and through us. He also loves to show us Father’s focus for us in different times and seasons.  

Do you have a rhema word from God that you are living by this year?

If you don’t, I encourage you to ask Him for one. This is not a chore for Him, but rather, it is a delight for Him to share His heart with His children.

But you must listen well. By this, I mean a few things.

To hear God’s rhema word, we need to truly be living under the Lordship of Jesus. We need to be regularly reading and meditating on God’s Word, and we need to be constantly in prayer, that is, having a heart pursuit of intimacy with Him.

This is how we listen well, because these things empower us to hear God’s voice.

This is most definitely not about legalism or creating a list of rules or hoops to jump through. Those things don’t help anyone and they are opposite to the living vibrant relationship that God desires with us.

But it does take intentionality, humility and hunger. Flippancy, complacency and compromise do not attract the voice of God – at least not in the way we want.

So, my simple and very sincere prayer for you today is this:

I pray that you turn towards God, that you lean in and listen, that you truly seek to hear His heart and His voice, and that before He speaks, you make a commitment in advance to wholeheartedly follow and obey His rhema word to you.

These days are too important to live life outside of God’s Word.