#5299 – Holy Spirit

Good morning people who are in constant communion with the wonderful Spirit of God.

The Father wants to draw you to the person of the Holy Spirit today.

If you are born again, you are born again by the Holy Spirit. This is such wonderful news!

You now have the Holy Spirit living in you! Again, this is good news beyond measure!

And He – not it – He wants to lead you step by step, moment by moment.

He wants to lead you to the mountain top of intimacy with the Father. And He equally wants to lead you as you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. This too can be a place of great intimacy with the Father.

He wants to lead you in your family life as well as in your work and in your ministry.

He wants to give you wisdom and insight and revelation. He wants to clothe your natural with His supernatural.

He wants to give His gifts to you so that you can express the Father’s love to others. He wants to breathe upon you so that others can encounter the breath of God through you.

The Holy Spirit is the full expression of God the Father and God the Son. And He is fully alive in those who have fully given their life for the glory of God.

You are such a person! You have the Spirit of God in you today if you are born again!

I see some of you turning towards the Holy Spirit. I see you acknowledging Him, asking Him to lead, listening to Him and quickly obeying every prompting from Him.

These are days of increased Holy Spirit activity in your life. May the Father be glorified!