#5289 – Abundant God

Good morning people who see God as indescribably good and powerful as He is.

2023 will be a year of “firsts” and “abundance” IN GOD.

How do you see God?

Do you see Him as limited, or do you see Him truly as without limit?

Our view of God will determine whether we live in the “abundance” IN GOD that is His desire for us and through us in 2023.

Before you switch off or think I am just talking about having more money, let me state what Father just said to me when I typed the previous line.

He said, “Abundance is not to do with you.”

The worldly view of “abundance”, and the mis-informed and incorrect church view of “abundance” is all connected to us having more. In other words, we have made “abundance” about us.

But this is not what God is saying!

This coming year of “abundance” IN GOD is about all that God wants to do through His people and for His glory!

For us to not desire and believe for “abundance” IN GOD, is for us to not care that there are countless people who need an encounter with God through us as the people of God!

It’s time for God to live large through us as His church! It’s time for God to be clearly seen!

It’s time for signs, wonders and miracles to be expressed through God’s people in our everyday lives! It’s time for people to encounter our abundant God!