#5282 – Returning Prodigals

Good morning people who fight for the souls of prodigal family and friends.

Recently, I prophetically declared, “The prodigals are coming home!”

This word started with Father speaking to me and saying, “Bring the prodigals home.” It was a statement of His intention.

In the same way that He told me to declare, “It’s open season on miracles!”, He told me to declare, “The prodigals are coming home!” I believe it with all my heart!

God declared to Pharoah through Moses, “Let my people go!”

As the people of God, we declare to the devil, “Let the prodigals come home!”

It’s time to speak to the devil and take authority over his lies and deception in the minds of the prodigals! This is not a natural battle – it’s a spiritual battle, and it’s one that we have the victory in! HALELUJAH!!

It’s time to call the prodigals home! This is done by faith and it is done in the Spirit by prayer and intercession.

If you’ve been believing for a long time, keep believing!

If your faith has warned, it’s time to stir it up again!

We are going to see a huge wave of prodigals coming home in 2023!!

I believe it with all of my heart and I declare it as a prophet of God!

The prodigals are coming home!