#5224 – Heart for the Lost

Good morning people who care about the people Jesus cares about.

John 17:20 NIV “My prayer is not for them (the disciples) alone. I pray also for those (unbelievers) who will believe in me through their message.”

God is reviving the hearts of many to have a focus on lost people being found; of dead people coming to life!

Here’s what Jesus said:

Luke 19:10 NIV “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

The heart of Jesus has not changed!

Jesus prayed for His disciples, then He prayed for those who will come into relationship with Him and His Father through the message of the disciples.

Our message matters.

I believe there is a holy calling up for many followers of Jesus Christ in the days we live in. Too often the message that is conveyed is not the heart of God.

I see an increase in wisdom and submission coming to the church. I see Father’s heart accompanying His Word through the lives of Christians.

And I see a great end time harvest!!

It’s time to pray for the lost, and it’s time to live a life worth following and to be an accurate signpost that points people to Jesus and the Father.