#5209 – Praying for His Disciples

Good morning people who are in the heart and mind of God.

John 17:9 NIV “I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours.”

Praying for the lost is imperative. Jesus came to seek and save the lost; they matter to God and they should matter to us.

But in this prayer, Jesus’ focus in this moment was not on the lost but on His disciples. And in this place, He prayed for them. Oh how special this is.

Have you ever stood in the gap for someone you love and prayed for something that was important to them?

I have and I am sure you have. And we did it because of the value of the relationship.

This is what we see in this prayer from Jesus. He finishes this sentence by telling us why He is praying for His disciples. He said He was praying for them because they belong to His Father. Don’t miss this.

Because the disciples are important to the Father, they are important to Jesus. Because they are important to Jesus, Jesus prayed for them.

And this is what is happening for all of us who have committed to following Jesus as our Lord and Saviour today!

Jesus is praying for us!