#5159 – God’s Heart and Word

Good morning people who ask God for what is on His heart and in His Word.

John 15:7 NIV “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

Every believer wants their prayers answered. And in this delightful verse, Jesus tells us how we can step into this.

First, remain in Him. This is what we have been talking about over the last few days. But here it is again. I figure that if Jesus keeps on repeating this phrase, I should too. Maybe a lot would change in our lives and through our lives if we kept this as much of a priority as Jesus does.

Second, keep God’s Word remaining in us. This is saturation and meditation on God’s Word. This is storing up God’s Word in our heart. This is allowing God’s Word to be the truth that shapes our lives and our beliefs. This is a correct handling of the Word of truth. This is also obedience to all that God has said.

Third, ask whatever you wish. Now we must do this third part on the ongoing and unbroken foundation of the first and second part. Let’s break this down a bit further.

When we remain in Jesus, we know and feel His heart. When we remain in God’s Word, we know and feel His ways. And when we continually do both of these, we will only ask Him for what is in line with His will. This cannot be overstated.

God is not bound to answer any request I have that is contrary to God’s heart and God’s will. This is not how prayer works, and that is a good thing!

God knows best, so stay connected to Him, stay in His Word, and ask boldly for what is on His heart.