#5059 – God Is

Good morning people who continually think about the wonder of our great God.

God is holy, just and righteous. God is pure and blameless.

God is love, joy and peace. God is patient, gentle and kind.

God is worthy and God is deserving of all our praise, honour and glory.

God is the majesty of heaven and the glory of earth.

God is eternal and everlasting. God is omniscient and omnipresent.

God is forgiving, merciful and faithful. God is good and God is gracious.

God is creative and God is restorative.

God is the author and He is the perfector of our faith.

God is the Great I Am, the bright and morning star, the Father of lights.

God is undefinable and immeasurable. God is near, close and intimate.

Take a few minutes before moving on in your day and write down some more truths about who our God is.

May the Holy Spirit draw you to something beautiful and wonderful today in Him that overflows to everyone you have contact with.

May God be clearly seen by us and through us, and may all of this be for our Father’s glory.