#5053 – Extravagant God

Good morning people who receive the fullness of Father’s intention for you.

2 Peter 1:2 NIV Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

This whole sentence is breathtakingly awesome! Let’s step into it.

God wants us to live in the lavishness of His grace and His peace. This is His desire for us.

And He doesn’t just want us to have it in limited measure. He doesn’t want us to live under a trickle of grace and an occasional moment of peace. Not at all.


Because He is an all-in God! He is an extravagant God! He is a generous beyond measure God! He is a God of fullness and overflow!!

So, how do we receive this abundance of grace and peace?

‘Through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.’

Now this is life-changing!!!

Everything eternally worthwhile comes back to our revelation of who God is – everything!

Grace and peace are not received by a greater understanding or knowledge of our situation. This is a lie that keeps many people living in fear and anxiety. I have battled with this myself many times.

But our wonderful God is very clear in this life-giving verse: The more we know God, the more grace and peace we will experience. This is the absolute truth.

Seek to know God better and you will receive an abundance of grace and peace.