#5016 – God of Life

Good morning people who live life fully alive in the wonderful power of God.

Galatians 6:14-15 TPT May my only boast be found in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. In him I have been crucified to this natural realm; and the natural realm is dead to me and no longer dominates my life. Whether a man is circumcised or uncircumcised is meaningless to me. What really matters is the transforming power of this new creation life.

Yes, there is death involved in this Christian life. For indeed, without dying there can be no new life!

And it is this new life – this new creation life – that should get our attention and be the reason for our celebration!

The apostle Paul modelled so well the laying down of his life for a kingdom cause. He modelled that the things of this world and the appetites of the natural realm are not what it is all about.

Christianity is not about a modified or slightly enhanced natural life.

Christianity is all about a new, spiritual, eternal life that is found in Jesus Christ!

This is life! This is living! This is truth! This is freedom!

This is ours in Jesus’ name!