#4985 – Progressive Unveiling

Good morning people who love the intimacy of leaning deeper into God.

Father, I thank You for a progressive unveiling of truth.

The longer I sit and meditate on You through the lens of thanksgiving, the more I realise the need and power for progressive unveiling of truth.

You could reveal (unveil) everything I need to know in one instant – You can do anything. Sometimes I wish You would do this.

But as I am walking my way intentionally through this month of thanksgiving, I am stepping into a greater revelation of the masterful genius of progressive unveiling.

I am recognising that the progressive unveiling keeps me leaning in for more. This progressive unveiling makes me more hungry. It makes me want to come back for more. It fills my heart again and again with a sense of wonder, awe and gratitude for who You are. It’s genius!

And it’s all about relationship! We so often make it about knowing things, but with You, it’s all about knowing You.

So, Father, thank You for daily taking me deeper. Thank You Father for beckoning me on deeper into You and into Your love and goodness and life.

I accept Your invitation.