#4826 – Fearless Followers

Good morning people of God who refuse to give in to the spirit of fear.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to fear God, but not to fear anything else.

Now, as I start to lean into this, please go on a journey with me as I seek to hear the Father’s voice for us as His children.

Fear is gripping too many people. It is insidious and it is one of Satan’s most often used weapons.

Fear of what might happen. Fear of what might not happen.

Fear of being taken advantage of. Fear of being overlooked.

Fear of failure; fear of missing the mark, getting it wrong, or not being good enough.

Fear. Fear. Fear.

Yet is this God’s desire for us as His dearly loved children?

Absolutely not.

God’s desire is for us to live free from fear by living secure in His perfect love.

May the Lord lead us on this journey over the coming days.