#4793 – Miracles Demand Change

Good morning people who turn towards the God of miracles.

Matthew 11:20 NIV Then Jesus began to denounce the towns in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent.


In the following verses, Jesus basically said that if some of the evil towns that we read about in the Old Testament had seen the signs these people had seen, they would have repented; they would have changed their way of thinking, and as a result, changed their lives.

And this struck me deeply.

Firstly, people sometimes say, “If I see a miracle, I will believe.’ But history shows that this is not always (or often) true. Seeing miracles does not always equate to believing in God and following Jesus.

But secondly – and very importantly – the purpose of seeing and experiencing miracles is not the outcome of the miracle itself, but it is always intended to be a sign that points us clearly to God Himself! God is the reason for the miracle!

So, when we see the supernatural take place, do we take it for granted and move on with life as normal?

Or do we stop and praise God, and as a result, step closer towards Him and go deeper in relationship with Him?

This is the purpose of miracles.