#4783 – God’s Will

Good morning people who stay anchored to fulfilling God’s plan.

Life is not about us fulfilling our dreams, but about us fulfilling God’s will.

God is calling us as the people of God back to praying, pursuing and living out the truth of this single scripture:

Matthew 6:10 NIV Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

As we read the Bible, there are many different commands and laws that make up the will of God.

But as I sit here listening to the Holy Spirit today, I feel Him simply point me to this all encompassing will of God for every believer. It is this:

To know God intimately and to make Him known to others.

If this is the pursuit of my day, then I believe I am honouring God.

Jesus came walking in intimacy with His Father, and as a result, gloriously and accurately made Him known.

This is to be the testimony of our lives too.