#4774 – Speak Up

Good morning people who do not go silent when God tells you to speak.

I heard this phrase from the Lord:

The world is trying to shut us up. God wants us to speak up.

The devil is trying to stop the people of God from having an influencing voice. He intimidates, he attacks and he accuses. He distorts, he pollutes and he defies. And he makes it all look so reasonable.

Having a different opinion that has been accepted by the majority for centuries is now something seen as intolerant and even evil.

This is a very real war that we are in. It is spiritual in its roots, and yet we see such a manifestation in natural fruit. The world is getting louder and the church is getting quieter. This ought not to be dear brothers and sisters!

As the body of Christ, we have something to say. We have a truth to declare in love and we have a demonstration of God’s power that needs to be displayed.

No, we can’t win every battle and we can’t change everyone’s mind. But we can speak up, and most assuredly, we must.

It’s time to become familiar again with, “It is written!” And it’s time to declare it without shame or intimidation.