#4746 – Boldness & Wisdom

Good morning people who speak the truth in love

I feel the Lord requires many of His people to step up in their spiritual boldness and their spiritual wisdom. Both are essential, and they must be used together.

Boldness without wisdom is seen as arrogance. It damages and it destroys. It comes with agendas that are not of God, and it crushes people in the process.

Yet we can have all the wisdom in the world privately, but unless it is released boldly by the Spirit of God, what does it profit others?

Truth is under relentless assault by an aggressive enemy. He is destroying many because of a lack of knowledge. Good people who know the truth are going silent because of the potential repercussions.

So, what does God require us to do?

Be bold and be wise.

Jesus was bold – very bold. He was direct. He was clear. He did not shrink back from confrontation and even from persecution. Nor should we.

But He was also very wise. Oh, how He knew what to say and how to say it in a way that prompted deep thought and released revelation to people. Sure, not everyone received the truth, but many did.

His example is to be our example. It’s time for increased boldness and increased wisdom.