#4724 – Preventative God

Good morning people who see the kindness of God in the instructions of God

I believe that PREVENTION is on the heart of God.

God can heal and restore, and He loves to do this. But when it comes to His children, I am unshakenly convinced that He deeply wants to see us avoid some pain and hardship that we can bring on ourselves due to bad choices.

Oh, it is time for a wave of revelation of the reason why God says “Do this” and “Don’t do that” in the Bible! Controlling people, manipulating people, and even making people good is not His goal.

I’ve said it many times, but I still need this to go deeper in my own understanding and acceptance, God’s instructions are given for people’s freedom! It truly is this pure and this simple. Freedom is on God’s heart.

When this is our mindset and our core belief, this empowers our ability to ‘choose the way of escape’ that God earnestly wants to show us. When we follow His lead in this, we come through temptation without sinning, and therefore, without losing our joy and peace.

It is one of my deepest prayers and yearnings of my heart for every believer to see God’s loving prevention behind every instruction in His wonderful Word.