#4722 – Saved From Sin

Good morning people who listen to the preventative voice of God

It is wonderful to be saved out of sin. While every person is a sinner before getting saved, and therefore every person is saved out of sin, we have all heard the powerful testimonies of those who had dramatic lifestyle changes. Many who were bound in addictions, violence, immorality, crime etc, are radically saved out of sin by God’s grace. And I say hallelujah!

But I am gripped by God’s heart to save many Christians from sin. Yes, He wants to save sinners out of sin, but He also wants to save Christians from sin.

Recently, while preaching to young people, I felt God’s burden of wanting them to not pick up a lot of baggage that they would spend years regretting. So many things that look appealing to the flesh, are contrary to God’s commands. And when people say YES in a moment when they should have said NO, sin places a heavy load on people that is always avoidable.

Many marriages have been devastated because people didn’t take God’s way of escape that was available to save them from sin. Many relationships have been destroyed because someone didn’t take God’s pathway of freedom.

Being saved out of sin is wonderful, but for us as followers of Jesus today, God’s desire is to save you from sin; He doesn’t want you picking up unnecessary and devastating baggage and burdens along the way. He wants you to live free.