#4706 – Close the Door

Good morning people who eliminate distractions to what God has promised

I hear the Lord telling me to tell you, “Close the door.”

Yes, we must open the door of our hearts and our attention to God. As revelation 3:20 tells us, Jesus is standing at the door of believer’s hearts and knocking. He loves to come in and enjoy deeper intimacy.

But it is also true, that if we are saying YES to something, we are also saying NO to something else.

Some of you reading this today know what the Lord is saying to you. You hear His invitation, and you even have a desire to go deeper.

But there is another door of distraction open that He wants you to close.

This distraction might be disappointment, hurt, anger, bitterness, shame, unforgiveness…it might be laziness, wrong priorities, addiction, carelessness…just to name a few.

The reality is, you know what door needs to be closed.

I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to ask you:

Will you close the door of distraction so that you can open the door of intimacy, purpose and fulfilment?

I pray you will today.