#4596 – Shifting Realms

Good morning people who release the presence of God

Spiritually mature believers walk into environments and see a shift in the spiritual realm.

We are the people of God! We are filled with the Spirit of God! We are seated with Christ in heavenly places!

We have been given authority over all the powers of the enemy! We have been given everything we need for life and godliness! We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in spiritual places!

We are the head, not the tail! We are warriors, not worriers! We are more than conquerors, not easily conquered! We are victorious in Christ, not victims to circumstances!

And as such, we carry the very Person of the Holy Spirit into every environment that we enter! Think about this today! If you are a believer, God walks into a room when you walk into a room!!!

Therefore, believers are called to see a shift in a realm, to feel a change in the atmosphere, to watch the powers of darkness flee as the glory of God enters!!!

Oh, come on somebody, it’s time to lift our vision and to see ourselves as the people of God that we are!!!!