#4545 – Our Obedience

Good morning people who resolve ahead of time to do what God says

What is our obedience to God dependent on?

It is not dependent on what others do or don’t do. Too often we measure against other people. This is never a good place to start. In addition to it simply not being God’s way, it can also result in either pride that we are better than someone else, or insecurity because we are not.

I believe that God is calling us as His people into bold steps of faith. I do not say this as a cliche, but I believe with all of my heart that the world is owed an encounter with our supernatural God, and I believe this will happen as they encounter supernatural Christians who are not bound by or limited to natural realities and human logic.

But this requires a covenant commitment to obey the whispers of God no matter what. We don’t need a blueprint before we take our first step of faith. We don’t need an abundance in our bank account or a budget that lines up. We don’t need other people to understand or approve. In fact, if everything is humanly possible and logically understandable, no faith is required.

Are there some steps of faith that God is stirring you to take?

Is there an area where you need to obey what God has said?

2021 will be as successful as you purpose it to be through your submission and obedience to God.

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