#4534 – Don’t Stop Short

Good morning people who don’t give up prematurely

Don’t stop short of your miracle and your breakthrough.

It is far too easy to give up when the answer is delayed, the miracle hasn’t happened, and your prayers seem to be unheard.

But what would have happened if Naaman had stopped dipping in the Jordan River after his fifth or sixth dip?

What would have happened if the Children of Israel only marched around Jericho for five days?

What would have happened if Moses had walked away from Egypt after the seventh plague didn’t result in the Israelites being set free?

Sometimes perseverance is needed; a refusal to stop short of the full instruction of God.

The enemy throws out the line, “See it hasn’t happened!” But he forgot to finish with the word, “yet!”

God is still working, the enemy is still scrambling, and we are still called, equipped and wired for victory in Christ Jesus!

So, keep going man and woman of God! Keep fighting in the Spirit! Keep praying in faith! Keep obeying God’s last command to you! Keep believing that you will see the miracle of God!

Don’t stop short!

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