#4501 – Greater Outcome

Good morning people who are transformed through the process of prayer

The greater outcome of praying, is not a change in the situation we are praying about, but it is our communion with God and a change in our own lives as a result.

We don’t think prayer works when we haven’t seen the answer that we expect. But we fail to see that the answer to prayer is something only God can do, and that He sees prayer differently than we often do.

God loves to spend time with people. He loves talking and He loves listening. He loves partnering with His children. Communication is a big deal to God, and this is one of His greatest priorities when it comes to prayer; having a conversation with us.

God also knows that when we spend time in prayer, we are transformed and changed. Things shift from natural to spiritual when we pray. Our small-minded thinking is enlarged and lifted up as we enter into the mind of Christ. Our perspective, our responses, our very lives are changed eternally when we pray.

Prayer is not just about answers.

Prayer is about communication with God and transformation in us through God.

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