#4487 – Reclaiming Definitions

Good morning people who call things what Father calls things

I feel the Lord saying strongly: “It’s time for My people to reclaim some definitions.”

The enemy distorts and the world pollutes. But the people of God are to be proclaimers of truth. Yes it must be done in love, but it most certainly must be done.

Things are what God says they are.

Truth is what God declares about something. It is not what people desire it to be.

Purpose and destiny is God’s pre-determined, wonderful and masterful plan for our lives. It is not what we want to do or feel to do.

The Church is the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the Army of God, the Hope of the World, and the Transforming Agent of Change that is needed. It is not a gathering together of people trying desperately to escape the world and who are focused primarily on themselves.

The World is a broken, fallen system that has its grip on people whom Jesus Christ gave His life to see saved, sanctified and sold out for His Father’s purpose and destiny. It is not an enemy to be feared, taunted, accused or condemned.

May we have eyes to see as Father sees, and may we accurately define things, and may it all be done for the glory of God.

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