#4457 – An Ordinary Pen

Good morning people who allow God to do something extraordinary through you

Isaiah 8:1 NIV The Lord said to me, “Take a large scroll and write on it with an ordinary pen: Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz.”

This verse is the start of a prophetic declaration God spoke to Isaiah. It’s powerful in many ways, but today I was drawn to the small word ‘ordinary’.

Why was this word included?

In part, I believe it’s because sometimes we think that for some men and women of God, everything is extraordinary, even the pens they use.

But here is the absolute truth:

God partners with ordinary people, using ordinary equipment, to prophetically declare extraordinary, supernatural, eternal truth!

God wants to speak to you and through you where you work today! God wants to use you in your trade, in your classroom, in your doctor’s clinic, in your factory, in your home…God wants to speak to you and speak through you!

Don’t disqualify what God has qualified, and God has qualified you!

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