#4451 – The Church

Good morning people who speak as the mouthpiece of God on the earth

It’s time for the Church to find her voice again. Not a natural, reactionary, inflammatory voice, but a spiritual, creative, transformative voice.

As the Church, we are called to be part of the answer, not part of the problem. And it is for this reason, I have become quite vocal about challenging Christians to represent God well with our words – spoken and written – including on social media.

We are called to speak spiritually, not just naturally. How does God see what you are talking about? Are we having conversations just on a natural level, or are we bringing God into the centre of what we are saying?

We are called to speak creatively, not just be reactionary. Let’s speak to what God intends, not just to the problem we see. Let’s speak from the heart of God, not just from the soul of our emotions.

We are called to speak transformation, not inflammation. We don’t need Christians pouring more fuel onto the fires of opinion, disappointment, frustration and questions. We need people, filled with the Spirit of God, prophesying life and declaring transformation to the world!

Our words matter! So, what are you speaking?

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