#4437 – Love Sinners

Good morning people who love the lost like Jesus loves them

In addition to praying for the world, it’s time for the Church to love the lost.

The moment we hate sin more than we love sinners, is the moment we move from being part of the answer to being part of the problem.

We need a revelation that sinners sin. This is not condoning sin, but it is a reminder that that’s what sinners do. We need to move past a barrier that we have erected that keeps us from the very people who need us the most.

How will the world know about the love of Christ if Christians don’t display it accurately and extravagantly?

We must stop expecting sinners to stop sinning before we love them like Jesus loves them.

Today I feel the Holy Spirit pointing us to pause right now and pray. I encourage you to spend a few minutes asking God to stir your heart with compassion for the lost. Ask Him for an impartation of His heart into your heart. Ask Him to help you see every person today through the lens of God’s love.

Now together, let’s go change the world through prayer and love!

Watch a 5-minute video on loving sinners while not tolerating sin in “Intolerance”


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