#4389 – Making the Effort

Good morning people who ascend the hill of the Lord to meet with Him

On top of a hill denotes that you have taken the effort to climb the hill.

Naturally speaking, you don’t find yourself on top of a hill accidentally or without any effort.

While we can pray anywhere, at any time, there is a place of deep fellowship that is reserved for those who are willing to put self aside, and take time to meet with God. Jesus Himself was always in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, but He also withdrew to ‘lonely’ places every day, as was His custom. Jesus withdrew from the busyness and the crowds to have time up the mountain of prayer with His Father.

I love God dearly and I deeply want to do His will. But there are many times when a decision, followed by an action, sustained by perseverance is required of me to plug into the deeper things of God. This may surprise some of you who think it always flows easy for others. It doesn’t.

Tiredness, distraction, weariness, busyness, over-active minds and roller coaster emotions are not immune for men and women of God. The people in the Bible whose lives are living testimonies to us were not immune either. Challenges face us all.

So, we are all in the same boat. At times it is easy, but many times, it is about making the effort to draw aside and take time to meet with God.

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