#4183 – Our Words

Good morning people who are careful with your words

What words most commonly come out of your mouth?

How about when you are feeling a little unwell…someone hurts you…you’re running late…you are busy…you don’t like something…you wish you were doing something different…you’re waiting on your prayers to be answered…you are financially struggling…you don’t have wisdom in a situation…the dinner is burnt…the children are misbehaving (or the spouse)…what are your words like in these situations?

I guarantee you your words affect what happens next. They also affect how you feel and how you live. I’d go further and say that you are characterized by your words, as I am by mine.

We need to understand that our words affect those around us also. Have you ever been around people, that when they speak, you feel great? How about people who speak negatively and you can’t wait to leave? Words are powerful. Other people’s words are and so are ours.

There are many times my speech needs to improve. How about you?

It is true our lives flow from our lips so let’s choose our words wisely and opt for the positive and faith-filled words – it’s a much better way to live.

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