#357 – Power From Jesus

Good morning Christ-empowered people

I’ve just read a single verse that has triggered something on the inside. This verse is something that we need to have a greater revelation of today. As we look at it over the next few days, I pray the Holy Spirit stirs something fresh on the inside of every person. God wants to speak to you.

Luke 6:19 The people all tried to touch Jesus, because power was coming from Him and healing them all.

One touch from Jesus Christ can change a life. People need to reach out and touch Him in order to receive the miracle in their lives.

The Holy Spirit recently spoke to me and said ‘The miracle comes from the Master, not the minister’. Oh how we must constantly remind ourselves of this. Too many are looking to man today. We live in a time where people of God are put on pedestals and this is always dangerous. God uses man (we’ll look at this tomorrow) but it all comes from Jesus and all praise should only go to Him.

Do you believe Jesus was a miracle working man when He walked this earth?

Do you believe Jesus is still a miracle working God today?

It’s time for our faith to be stirred again. God wants to do miracles in people’s lives. God wants to restore and heal. God wants to set free and break down barriers. God wants to restore health, life and strength. God wants to save people from eternal damnation. God wants to give life and give it to the full and He wants to do it today.

God wants to and only God can. God alone is our source of power.

“Father we cry out to you today to stir our faith to believe for the impossible. Lord we need to see the power of God in our lives, in our Church meetings and in the world today. Lord, show us how. Lord, use us.”