#3079 – Passive or Active

Good morning people who are ready to reach out and take hold of Father’s best

I believe the position of our heart heading into 2017 is to be one of STEPPING INTO, THE FULNESS, OF WHAT FATHER HAS, FOR US.

Today I want to start looking at the first phrase: STEPPING INTO.

Too often as Believers, we have a mentality is of sitting back and waiting for God. Our prayers are often reflective of this, and may sound something like:

“Father, if You want to use me, I’m available.”

“Father, if You want to bless me, that would be great.”

Now, these are not bad prayers – they’re great prayers – but I feel Father is saying that He doesn’t want us to take a position of sitting back and waiting when He wants us to step in and possess.

I am not saying we should run ahead of God in presumption or in trying to make things happen in our own strength – this must be a work of the Holy Spirit.

But my friends, for many of us, it’s time for STEPPING INTO, the fulness, of what Father has, for us!

“Is your posture before God passive or active?”

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