#3028 – Argue and Agree

Good morning people who live in light of what Father or the enemy says

Every day we are living by arguments and agreements.

You might say, “No, I don’t argue!”

I’d respond, “Yes you do, and that should be a good thing!”

Let me try to explain (it might take a few days).

An argument is ‘an exchange of different or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one’.

An agreement is ‘harmony or accordance in opinion or feeling, the absence of incompatibility between two things’.

Let me jump straight into the heart of what I feel Father is saying, and then I will start to unpack it. May you be greatly encouraged and empowered forward in God.

“Do you argue with the enemy or come into agreement with the enemy?”

“Do you argue with God or come into agreement with God?”

I, like you, would strongly say I don’t come into agreement with the enemy, and I definitely don’t argue with God. And while I don’t intentionally or deliberately do this, Father has shown me the subtlety of how I do this at times.

I’ll leave you to meditate on this today, and I’ll unpack it further tomorrow.

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