#279 – Know Your God

Good morning people who delight in God

Many are wanting to know the will of God for their life. This desire often becomes our pursuit; “I just want to know God’s will so I can do it”.

I feel to encourage us to first and foremost earnestly desire to know our God. You see this is our greatest joy, privilege and strength. It’s not about knowing God’s will as much as it is about knowing God. Sure God’s will is important, in fact essential for us to live the life that God intends but today some of you need to hear that knowing God’s will is not as important for you as knowing God Himself.

You see when you know God more intimately He will reveal His will to you. He is not wanting to make it difficult; God’s not like that. But what God tends to do is arrange life, arrange circumstances, including silence at times, not to push us away but to draw us closer. When we don’t hear, desire HIM more. Don’t focus on the content of the hearing but on hearing itself.

God stands at the door of your heart today and He is knocking. He is wanting to come in and be with you; to commune with you; to walk, talk and live with you in a deeper and greater level than you ever imagined. He is knocking. Will you open up to Him? Will you dare to go deeper? Will you open up those doors that say “Do not touch”? God loves you and He is desiring intimacy today; deeper intimacy that transforms.

Reading: Revelation 2:7a, 11a, 17a, 29, 3:6, 13, 20, 22