#2116 – Good Friday

Good morning people who are blessed beyond measure.

Today is the day known as ‘Good Friday’, but who was it good for?

This is the day that Jesus willingly laid down His life in the most horrific and devastatingly painful way. Death on a Roman cross after having suffered immeasurably at the hand of the soldiers as they spat on Him, plucked out His beard, beat Him with rods, flogged Him to within an inch of His life, forced Him to carry the physical weight of the cross and then nailed Him to the cross. Pain is not an accurate word to portray what our Lord and Saviour went through.

“Was it really a Good Friday for Jesus?”

The Father suffered the intense heartbreak of a Father Who watched His only begotten Son treated like a criminal and then killed in the most brutal way. This only begotten Son was the Son He loved beyond measure, the Son Whom He had spent eternity with, the Son Who was perfect. The Father and the Son, for the first and last time in all of history, were separated by the stench of sin that was laid on Jesus.

“Was it really a Good Friday for the Father?”

Good Friday was needed for you and me to be restored to an intimate friendship with God Himself. This devastating day to Jesus and the Father has become a Good Friday for us who believe. This restored relationship with us has even made it a Good Friday for the Son and the Father. This shows the extent of God’s love…

…it is Good Friday.

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