#2099 – Eternal God

Good morning people who serve a never ending God

As I meditate on God, I’d love to share a few thoughts that are beyond human comprehension but they have a profoundly positive impact on our lives. Yes they take faith to believe, but that’s who we are, people of faith. Sure it’s impossible humanly speaking, but God is not bound by the laws that He created. It really is true: impossibility is God’s specialty!

God is Eternal: ‘without beginning or end, lasting forever.’

There was never a time that God did not exist.

Before you were born, God existed. Before your parents were born, God existed. Before your grandparents were born, God existed. Before Adam & Eve were created, God existed. Before the world was created, God existed. Before time began existed, God existed.

Genesis 1:1a (NIV) In the beginning God…

There will never be a time that God will not exist. He is the only Constant in all eternity.

Psalm 90:2 (NIV) Before the mountains were born or You brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting You are God.

Luke 1:33 (NIV) And (JESUS) will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; His kingdom will never end.”

The reason this has such a profound impact on my life is this: If wisdom comes with age, God is very wise. This gives me great confidence to trust Him fully – He knows exactly what He is doing!!!

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