#2010 – Meditation Or Worry

Good morning people who consider and think about what God says

Yesterday I mentioned the following phrase: I pray the fullness of Who God is becomes your daily meditation. As I think about this and God’s invitation for us to trust Him to a greater level this year, I feel it’s essential to look at the truth about meditation and worry.  

I feel God is asking us “What do you meditate on?”

You might answer that you don’t meditate because life is too tough and you are too busy. You might answer that you can’t meditate because you have a propensity to worry and be anxious about things outside of your control.

Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Life says ‘If you know how to worry then you know how to meditate because both are focused thinking’. He is correct. Here are the dictionary definitions of both words:

Meditation: a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject

Worry: give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles

Here is a truth for us to live by this year: It is our focused thinking, not our circumstances, which determine how we live.

As I continue to grow in my walk with God and my understanding of His Word, I find this an incredibly empowering thought. I do not have to worry; it is my choice! This is great news…but it is also news that places responsibility on me. But that’s ok, because with responsibility from God comes power to fulfil that responsibility.

And so I am blessed as I choose to meditate on what God has said. Sure it requires faith, but then again, this is what we are called to live by. Increasingly I am finding meditation on what God has said is one of the most powerful weapons in life and one of the greatest enablers of godly living.

“We can all meditate or worry…which will you choose this year?”

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