#2002 – Christmas Day

Good morning people deeply loved by Love Himself

It’s Christmas Day – a day that is celebrated all over the world. People love the holiday, the gifts, the food and the celebration with family. I’m sure God loves these happy occasions too.

But is there more to consider? Is there more to be grateful for? Is there more to celebrate today?

Christmas Day changed history. The giving of the Son in the birth of a child called Jesus Christ was more than a moment. Christmas Day is immeasurable in its impact upon us all, yet let me try to portray just a little of what Christmas Day means.

Christmas Day started the process of restoration; a restoring of fallen Man to a holy God. Christmas Day started the process of inheritance; because of what the Eternal Son was about to do, we are empowered to become sons and daughters of God; heirs of God and all His Goodness. Christmas Day started the process of identification; not only are we ‘Christians’, but through our acceptance of Christ’s life, we are now ‘like Jesus in this world’. Christmas Day set in concrete the authority and power of God on earth through His redeemed sons and daughters; His kings and priests, because in Christ, that is what we are. Christmas Day started an intimacy; God with us and Christ in us; God moved into our lives in every way.

Christmas Day is more than just another day – it is The Day everything changed. It is The Day that I am so thankful for, for without it, there would be no Easter Resurrection. Christmas Day is The Day it all began.

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