#157 – In God’s Hands

Good morning people whose confidence is in God

Today I am honoured to share the heart of a precious lady who is a BIY friend. Her story may be similar to yours and I pray that God will touch you through her message as much as it has touched me. This young lady’s mum has been in a life or death situation this year with the future still very uncertain. During these times of hardship and questions, many Christians lose heart and blame God with some giving up altogether. Following is my friend’s thoughts from this week as she and the family were called into the hospital. May God move your heart as He did mine.

“Around 10.30pm, my brother got all eight of us to stand in unity around her bed, holding hands. Peace filled the room as we praised God for who Mum is and how we have been blessed to be parented by her. We surrendered Mum up to God, finding it hard to know what to pray other than His will to be done. While we contemplate that it may be time for Mum to ’graduate’ this does not mean that we have given up on God. It is during these times that we run, not to healing, but to The Healer. For reasons not known to us, some people receive their healing on earth and some receive it in eternity. While we are not sure of the outcome, we have hope because we have Christ in our future. He is the anchor of our souls. We are secure in the middle of this storm because we hold onto Him.

I had a friend and co-worker pass away this week. She died of cancer, but she did not lose the battle. Why? Because Christ already won the battle back on the cross, and in His resurrection, where He defeated sin and sickness and even death. The only way anyone can ’lose their battle’ with cancer or a stroke or any sickness is when they lose their salvation in the process. For that is the intent of the enemy – that we would give up on God and curse Him. Well, it ain’t gonna happen! Whether we see Mum receive her healing here on earth or in heaven, we will continue the legacy her and Dad started – they declared that ’As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!’ That’s how we will make Mum proud! We hold onto God, clinging to Him as He is our only ’sure thing.’ We know that Mum is in the best of care because she is in God’s hands.”

This is true faith that pleases God. I pray your faith is strengthened today as you walk securely in God’s hands.