#129 – Backs or Faces

Good morning God fearing people

The Old Testament talks of how Judah and Israel frequently turned away from God and followed evil ways. It is a sad story, yet one where God constantly pursued them and gave them second chances. Have you ever wondered why this repetitious cycle occurred? I think it’s often the same with people today. Have a look at this verse.

Jeremiah 32:33 They turned their backs to me (God) and not their faces; though I taught them again and again, they would not listen or respond to discipline.

What a powerful verse! We see the stubbornness of man’s heart and the faithfulness of God. Man turned their backs to God and rejected His authority in their lives. Yet God kept on teaching them again and again. God does not give up easily. Man must come to a point where they turn their face to God and not their back. Turning our face to God speaks about submission and humility; it speaks about looking to God as our source and keeping the focus on who He is. Turning our backs to God talks about a stubbornness of heart and self will; it is based in pride and the result is a rejection of God’s discipline. Turning our face to God leads to an abundant and fruitful life while turning our back to God results in a wasted life and often devastation.

Here’s a simple question for you today. Do you have your back or your face turned to God? I pray that it is your face. If not, why not turn to Him today; I know He is waiting with open arms.