#810 – Natural Feelings

Good morning people like Jesus Christ

Sometimes we forget the reality of Jesus’ humanity. Yes He was fully God but He was also fully human.

Matthew 4:2 After fasting forty days and forty nights, He was hungry.

A simple phrase like He was hungry highlights the humanity of Jesus so clearly. Jesus felt hunger; hunger is a natural feeling.

I wonder what else He felt? I’m sure He felt tired, weary, sore, sad, angry, annoyed…what else do you think He felt?

Why is this so important to consider today?

Because this means He felt what we feel yet He still lived life perfectly.

Too many times I live by my feelings. In fact, many times I have felt and believed I can’t live right in this situation because of these natural feelings that are so dominant and loud. You’ve had them too. Maybe you have them right now.

But Jesus’ example shows me I can and you can too. Sure we will not be perfect this side of eternity, but it is possible in every situation and despite every human feeling to honour God fully every day.

I feel it’s important to add that part of this is fully receiving God’s grace when we do stumble because the feelings of unworthiness would love to keep us down. Let’s not let this happen.

I pray God helps us to live by God’s Word and not by our feelings every day.