#771 – God Gives

Good morning people ready to receive from God

(By David McCracken)

I refer again to Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

We dealt yesterday with the word “delight” or literally “to bubble over”.

Today we take the second of the three words I mentioned: “give”. Literally translated from the Hebrew this word means “to take from out of one and to place into another”.

What an incredible thought! As we “bubble over” in our love and adoration, our mind and spirit become so uncluttered and unconditioned that they become wide open and ready to receive. In that moment, the Lord is able to take thoughts and intentions that He has for us from out of His own heart and plant them directly into our own.

Let me share with you a well known medical fact. A woman trying desperately to get pregnant for years who then accepts that she cannot and proceeds to adopt a child, will often fall pregnant within weeks of doing so. Amazing! The doctors tell us that it is because her womb, for the first time in years, is no longer striving and is totally relaxed. This allows that womb to conceive.

Perhaps it is time for some of you to stop striving for guidance and placing your petition list before God and, in putting it all aside, rediscover the simplicity of telling Father how much you love Him. It has a wonderfully relaxing effect on the womb of your spirit.

Then, maybe weeks later when you least expect it, you discover you are “pregnant” with a life-changing thought conceived within you by the Holy Spirit.

Delight, relax and receive