#5779 – Reclaiming Reclaiming

Good morning people who never tire of going to God again and again and again.

The Lord is bringing back strongly His word to me for 2024, and that is the word reclaiming.

I started the year by writing on this for the whole month of January. If you would like to read through this, you can do so at Believing in You, and start by putting 5658 in the search function for January 1. Then click on next for January 2 and so on.

I wish that God always spoke to me once on something, and then I always did exactly what He says every time. I wish that I always knew and walked in accordance with the mind of Christ. I wish that old habits and ways of thinking were exactly that, old habits and ways of thinking.

But life is a journey. Sometimes I see the change and growth in my life, and at other times, I wonder how much I have moved forward. I didn’t intend to write like this, but maybe someone needs to hear the reality of how things can be for me.

So, what do I do with this?

And this is the important question and focus. It’s not that there are still moments of struggle and trial. It’s not that there are times of questions and even doubt. Again, we need to be honest here today. We all have these – it’s just that some people cover it up so well that others think that they never have a problem or a struggle; that they somehow float through life. No one does. No one.

Today, as we start to reclaim reclaiming, I encourage us all to go to God again today. And throughout our day, let’s go again and again and again. If we stumble, let’s go to God again and get up again. The key is simply to refuse to give up. Get up, but don’t give up.

God bless you in Jesus’ name.