#5658 – A Year of Reclaiming

Good morning and happy new year to you dearly beloved of our Father in heaven.

Father dropped a very specific word into my spirit for this year, and it is the word reclaiming.

While the word itself may mean one thing on the surface, I invite you to join me in diving into the depths of what Father wants us to see. My prayer is that this powerful word will release life in us all this year.

Let’s start with where Father is leading me, and that is to look at the definition of several words that He wants us to link together as we seek to discover His intention.

Reclaim: ‘take back, recover, regain, redeem, reform’.

Claim: ‘decree, profess, maintain, assert ownership of’.

Proclaim: ‘announce officially or publicly, say something emphatically, indicate clearly’.

The prefix ‘re’; ‘again’ or ‘again and again’ to indicate repetition’.

This year, Father wants us to take some things back from the enemy. There are some things to recover in the spirit realm. There are some people who are to be redeemed this year. And there is a culture that needs to be reformed by the truth and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This doesn’t happen without our partnership with the Father. He is doing a good work that He wants us to see and to join Him in. This has many expressions that are required, but a prominent one is for us to claim – to decree, profess, maintain and assert ownership of – all that Father has promised in His Word.

Many of us have done this before, and due to the length of time we have waited to see the miracle, we have stopped claiming what has been promised. And that’s why we need to enter into this year of reclaiming; to claim again and again and again.

It’s time to announce officially and publicly, and to declare emphatically and clearly, that our God is a God of salvation, healing, deliverance, miracles and favour! This is who our God is, and He invites us to walk through 2024 with Him.

I declare: It’s a year of reclaiming!