#5543 – Entering into God

Good morning people who have deep fellowship with God through His Word.

There is a difference between reading your Bible and being in God’s Word.

Reading the Bible has a focus on reading the words on a page. This is an essential starting point, because without it, nothing happens. However, we can read the words on a page without ever stepping into the purpose of the Bible.

God’s Word was given so that we would enter into fellowship with God. The scriptures are signposts to God Himself. And it is not for the purpose of knowing about God, but rather, it is for the purpose of knowing God. The difference is huge!

What is the purpose of your Bible time?

Here is the truth: You can’t be in the Spirit outside of being in God’s Word. It’s impossible!

People who claim to be led by the Spirit but don’t spend quality time entering into fellowship with God in His Word are fooling themselves. We can’t continue to violate God’s pattern and claim that we are on track. God’s kingdom does not work like that.

The Bible is not just another book! It is not a book of information to simply increase our knowledge of right and wrong, although it most definitely is the only foundation of truth.

The Bible is the living testimony of Jesus! The Bible is a door that opens us up into the living room of God; the place where we come in and eat with Him and Him with us. Fellowship with God is the purpose of God’s Word!

My prayer today is that you truly enter into deeper fellowship with God as you take time in His Word.