#5372 – Anointed for Wisdom

Good morning people who walk with the One who is all-knowing.

Genesis 41:33-36 NIV “And now let Pharaoh look for a discerning and wise man and put him in charge of the land of Egypt. Let Pharaoh appoint commissioners over the land to take a fifth of the harvest of Egypt during the seven years of abundance. They should collect all the food of these good years that are coming and store up the grain under the authority of Pharaoh, to be kept in the cities for food. This food should be held in reserve for the country, to be used during the seven years of famine that will come upon Egypt, so that the country may not be ruined by the famine.”

Joseph not only interpreted Pharoah’s dream, but he had the wisdom of God to speak into what Pharoah should do in response to the dream.

The gift of wisdom is greatly needed in the days that we are living in.

We need people filled with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation.

We need people who can accurately discern what Father is saying and doing.

We need people who carry God’s kingdom culture into the world where we live, work and serve.

The world has lost its way in regards to wisdom. Common sense is becoming more and more uncommon. People’s pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment have made them lose their minds!

Therefore, it is the church’s time to shine in the realm of having the mind of Christ. This is needed both in the church, but it is also needed in every aspect of society.

We need Daniels and Esthers and Josephs – those anointed with the Spirit of wisdom.

Are you such a person?